In our 6+ years of working in this industry, we have earned the luxury of choice. We know that sounds arrogant, but we can tell you it’s a good thing. If we have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with you and your brand, product, and/or company, it means we have worked together because we wanted to. That difference is what sets us apart. We choose projects that adhere to our rules, which ensures that we love the work, enjoy the people and are given the chance to be creative. Whether it's print/web design, advertising, branding, marketing, events, video production, multimedia, applications, packaging or whatever else you can dream up, we would love to work with you and hope that you feel the same.


Brand Management Philosophy

As brand strategists, we work tirelessly to ensure that your marketing goals align with your business goals. To accomplish this objective, we must be certain that your brand is unique, focused, and simple which has visual appeal, and is applied consistently across all channels.


A successful brand creates an indelible impression in the mind of the customer. Fierce competition and a multitude of choices available today means that if you need to provide your target audience with a reason to buy from you that isn’t just about price.


The more focused a brand is the more it breaks through the white noise. A brand that tries to be everything to everyone often ends up being nothing, providing specialized competitors the opportunity to claim market share. Loss of focus leads to brand failure.


In today's age of information overload, people are easily distracted, creating challenges for brand managers. Brands have 10 seconds or less to make an impression which is why keeping things simple tends to be highly effective and most recommended.

Visual Appeal

When given a choice between products of similar price and features, customers usually opt for best design. Well-designed product packaging and marketing collateral can even make an un-sexy product successful. Visual appeal is an effective differentiation point.

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Whether launching a new product in a competitive marketplace or refreshing a legacy business, Niche Business Solutions helps take on some of the toughest branding challenges.
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