Outdoor Marketing Activities (basically Billboards) today can be divided into tow segments- Below the Line (BTL), & Through the Line (TTL) Marketing Segments.
Below-the-line advertising (often referred as Below the Line Marketing/ Outdoor Promotions / BTL Marketing / BTL Automation) consists of very specific and direct advertising activities focused on generic target groups for the specific region where the visual responce is needed in terms of brand awarness, brand orientation and brand recall. It is offered in combination with various other formats such as News Paper, Radio and TVCs (Above the line/ Electronic Medium).

Below the line strategies focus more on brand visibility aspects and generating continuity to brand communications. We at Niche Business Solutions have been instrumental in facilitating business houses with the service mix of other platforms, making it a perfect Marketing Mix for building Brand Communications & Equity.
Advantages of Below the Line Marketing

  • Region Driven- BTL marketing strategies are generic in nature and cater to specific regions where it is automated.
  • ROI Mapped- BTL strategies provide ROI and MROI which is measured on regional focus in terms of Brand Awarness and Recall.
  • Tailor-Made- As there are various options available for this format of marketing, it is easy to improvise the visibility aspects at any given point of time.