For all types of information and data driven organizations we offer:

  • Data & information analysis and specific tools & programme
  • User Interface design, interactive design ergonomics and web usability & accessibility framework
  • Desktop & Web Enabled macro/micro tools & software(s)
  • Implementation of online knowledge management, business information pick points by means of technology interface
  • Custom-made online and off-line software services
  • IT Capacity building by efficiency measuring interface; e.g. What if analysis & productivity vs. profitability indexing.

Some of Web Software made by us

  • Real Estate Management Information System (Mini-ERP)
  • Hospitality Management System (Including Supply Chain & POP+POS)
  • MIS, CRM, EMS, HRIS, and similar Modules as a functional vertical need of any organization
  • SAP Partner for Business Progression & Management (Implementation & Re-seller)