VR is the latest buzzword in the technology industry of late. Google searching “Virtual meaning” would result in “almost or nearly as described” and “not physically existing”. Hence, we can for now assume VR to be almost reality or reality which is not physically existing. This is accomplished by sophisticated software running on compatible devices. Successfully deceiving one of your senses to accept something non-existing is the motive of VR in short. 3-Dimensional images are also one of the forms of VR, which have been used by architects and machine designers for decades now.
Virtual Reality varies from Augmented Reality. In Virtual Reality, the real world is completely blocked out and a virtual world is created, whereas in Augmented Reality adds to the already existing real world. The major driving force of the virtual reality market is advancements in computer technology and internet connectivity. We make virtual interactive environments that look real and visualizations that transport you to another world. And the best part - YOU are totally in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s seeing your brand new home for the first time or pioneering a construction project that will change the future. Our talented team with diverse skill-sets can make it all happen. Come explore things in ways you had never imagined before.