Top 5 retail business ideas with low investment in India.

Have you always fantasised about having your bookshop or clothing store? While the retail industry has changed dramatically in the age of online purchasing, small businesses can still prosper.

According to the National Retail Federation, the retail business employs more than 42 million people in the United States. In addition, according to figures from The Balance, the retail business generates more than $3 trillion in profits each year, accounting for 38 per cent of the nation's gross national product.

The secret to building a successful retail store is distinguishing between lucrative retail business concepts and item categories that have passed their peak. The most exemplary retail business ideas are those with low startup expenses and machinery and a growing market for the service or product. The five types of shops listed below meet both of these requirements; the next step is to choose which inspiring concepts best suit your skillset.

1. SELLING FARM MACHINERY- In the Indian market, agriculture is the primary industry. The majority of the village's population is still involved in agriculture and farming. In the agricultural sector, farm machinery is essential. So, if you reside in a small town or village, you should think about this chance.

2. CLOTHING STORE- This is among the most popular businesses in both industrialised and developing economies. Essentially, the fashion boutique sells designer labels and a variety of accessories with innovative looks. However, to establish this business, you must have expertise in fashion designing; also, homemakers sitting idle at home can start their small clothing business from the meagre investment—a significant retail business option for professional homemakers and even job seekers.

3. STORE FOR KIDS- You can open a children's store in three sizes: small, medium, and giant. Nowadays, children's boutiques carry a diverse choice of items. Clothing, toys, games, footwear, kid's décor, novels, CDs, educational stationery, and other products are listed. However, you should focus on a specific age range and use high-quality products.

 4. PHARMACY/MEDICAL STORE- You can operate a medical shop or drugstore if you have a chemistry-related degree. In India, the medical business is expanding at an annual rate of 18%. Examine the competition and look into licencing concerns in your area. You can also promote your retail pharmaceutical store online with your tiny eCommerce site.

5. ELECTRONICS STORE-  This is another excellent area to trade-in. Furthermore, the electrical and electronics industry provides a diverse spectrum of business concepts. You can even begin with merely lighting or electrical equipment, for example. However, before starting a business, create a detailed business strategy.


Due to the advent of various new organised companies, the Indian retail chain has become one of the world’s most efficient and rapidly industries. As a result, the organised part of the Indian retail business has grown significantly during the last several years.

In general, the entire performance of a retail firm is determined by the entrepreneur's product experience and commitment to that product. We hope that this list of retail company strategies has given you sufficient inspiration to launch your own small retail business.