3 Elements of Landing Page Design that can Make or Break your Conversion

Landing pages are integral to the success of your business. They are the first point of contact when trying to attract new customers and ultimately persuade them to convert to your service/product/idea.

Creating a landing page for your website can be tricky. There are many elements that you need to incorporate to have a successful landing page. However, once you know which factors are most important, you can build the best landing page for your website.

We have curated a list of vital elements of a winning landing page:

1. Maintain a bright, gorgeous, and powerful aesthetic

It's crucial to maintain things in order when it comes to landing page creation. The impact of the landing page should be such that it catches the eye of the visitor and prompts them to visit the website and come back again.

  1. Bright - When the background is modest, vibrant, and highly saturated colours are used, they are more eye-catching.

  1. Beautiful- Make the basic visuals as captivating as possible. A visually appealing landing page will put your viewers in a good and happier attitude, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

  2. Bold- As the space is quite limited on the landing page, it is a must that your texts, CTA’S, format and style should be in as this will attract visitors to the website. To emphasise your key critical components, experiment with text sizes, images that make it unique, like pointers, arrows, bullets and other effects.

2. Show valuable content

The landing page is an essential part of the website, which needs to be simple, easy to understand, yet attractive and appealing. The content we add on the landing page should be simple to understand - which can be easily accessed and comprehended by individuals. The page should have such content that offers valuable information which helps visitors to understand the product and choose the one correctly and efficiently,

3. Make use of video-But conduct a test before applying

Video may have a tremendous impact on your landing page, both positively and negatively. But the trick is to give it a shot and look at how it works for your website and brand. The way you incorporate video might impact your outcomes; for example, a loud video may be irritating to your customers, whereas a serene little audio in the video attached down the page may provide interested users with the data they want.

So, if you are still working as an offline business or haven’t yet planned to present your business online, you are way behind your competitors. Enter the game and start building a website and a perfect landing page for your business. Whenever you plan the same do not forget to look at these points and add them to get high conversion from your website. Since 2013, Niche has helped build a great online presence for over 500 businesses. A great landing page is the most cost-effective way your new business can go online.