Mind-Blowing fun facts about social media

We live in a technology-obsessed era, and social media is treated as one of the most potent tools. Every individual today uses social media platforms for different purposes-some to stay in touch with their friends and family to others to keep their knowledge updated, learn new trends, news and other information. They can connect with others who share their interests and develop new relationships.

Here we have come up with some mind-blowing fun facts which you didn’t know earlier.

#Fact 1- Facebook and WhatsApp process 60 billion texts every day

Wow! That’s a vast sum of the messages. These apps process 60 billion everyday conversations, Just imagine. How interesting it is for them to handle so many texts. The majority of individuals have switched to messaging apps because they are comfortable and straightforward to use, provide more opportunity to communicate with others and provide encryption technology.

#Fact 2- On a median, people spend 142 minutes a day on social networking sites

The study has wonderfully shown how social media has influenced people’s short attention span, but last it is not the social media; it is the Internet that had a more significant impact on the decrease in general audience attention span.

#Fact 3- Among the major social media networks, Twitter has the fewest workers

Wow! Can you believe this? Yes, you heard right! Among the main three dimensions of social media platform- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the latter has the least staff. Facebook has around 50000 + employees, and Instagram is a part of Facebook, has gained much popularity while Twitter remains with the least count of 5000 employees only.

#Fact 4- Around the globe, 80 percent of enterprises use social networks for digital marketing

Wow, 80% is massive! In the early 2000s, e-commerce was the rage, but today's firms focus on trendy social media interactions to increase their brand’s awareness and drive sales.  It is because audiences most of their time is spent on social media and to find any product/service or recommendation, they look forward to social media for help. What’s better than digital marketing to increase your business presence.