Why Should You Start a Business

Our purpose at Niche is this - we want to help more people start a business, and we want to help more people make their business successful.

The question we are answering today is - why should you start a business?

We don't want to give you the standard answers that you can find everywhere easily - a business makes you independent, creates jobs, is better for the economy, it's the only way to get rich, it's better than getting a job etc etc.

No, the answer we want to give you is this - your business is how your life's purpose comes to exist in the world.

We are all life. Life's only purpose is to live. So, our purpose is also to live. That's also the purpose of everyone else out there. Some live their life well, some don't. So, our life's purpose is also to help others live well. That purpose should keep us busy. That's our busy-ness. Or our business. That purpose makes us valuable - because that's the value we create. People need value. Value is anything that helps people live well or better. Creating this value makes us valuable. If the value we create is valuable enough, people pay us to keep up the good work. To keep creating the value we are creating. That's profit. Profit is just a way for other people to show their appreciation for the value we are creating. It is to encourage us to keep doing good work. This profit is not the purpose of our business. If profit is anything, it is an indicator of the value we are creating.

Fulfilling a good enough purpose is a good enough reason to run our business.

There's a lot of things wrong out there with the world. There's a lot of things right too. But if you wanted to solve a problem because it does not align with your or life's purpose, then there are enough opportunities out there for you get busy with. That's the start of your busy-ness. For example, our lifestyles that are making us weak and unhealthy. Quite a few things are wrong with what we eat, how we take care of our health, how polluted our cities are, what we wear, the thoughts we let in to our brains and minds, how we think, how we communicate, how and what we learn, how dependent we are, how we travel, live, play, spend our lives.

At all points of time, we will be quite close and also quite far from being the ideal society we should be. It is the business of each one of us to keep track of our society's progress, and take charge of keeping the overall direction positive.

Our society is only a network that we have created. We are all individuals to begin with and we will always be individuals. A network is only as strong as its weakest link. We cannot afford to be the weak link in the network. We have to keep the network strong. And that happens when we get busy. Busy with good. And good is our business.

What's your business?