Designing - The Heart Of Brand Strategy

Packaging design is a key strategic element in expressing and achieving core brand objectives. In today’s intensely competitive business environment it is increasingly important for brands to look at packaging as part of a complete strategic system and roles it plays in creating brand success. Consistency, affinity and experience are the three key parameters that drive the success of a brand-led packaging.
The aspect of consistency comes from the brand attributes. This is an amalgamation of both the expressed design and expressed narrative of the brand. The elements of the brand’s design expressions are fairly simple to decipher, follow and create. A well-defined brand identity system is the single most critical place to look at for every brand expression, including packaging. It’s the repository of semiotic and symbolic codes of what the brand stands for – as in its place in the category, in relationship to the competition, the purpose that it fulfills in its consumers life and the principles that drive it in the current social context. Between the name, typography and graphic elements, colours, fonts, etc, there are embedded hints towards the brand essence. So, it’s cardinal to study every aspect of the identity to form the key influencer for the packaging design.